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As an employment lawyer, one of the largest hurdles my colleagues and I have observed workers struggling to overcome is that of the noncompete agreement. These agreements prohibit employees from leaving an employer for a competitor for a specified period of time and geographical range. In many instances I have

Kalandra Wheeler
Texas Employment Lawyer Kalandra Wheeler

As most employment lawyers in Texas will tell you, we have the doctrine of at-will employment. At-will employment means that employees have very few protections in the workplace. At-will employment means that even after a 20-year career with a company, if new management comes in and decides to “shake things

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The Writers Guild of America is currently on strike, marking the first strike of its kind since 2007. However, television and media, along with the way it is consumed, has changed drastically since that time. It wasn’t until around 2010 that streaming services like Netflix became commonplace in our households, which