Paige Melendez
Houston Employment Trial Lawyer Paige Melendez

It’s a new year and that comes with new laws going into effect in Texas. Of particular note, is the law that Governor Abbott signed in November 2023 expanding a prior law that prohibited state and local government in Texas from imposing vaccine mandates. In a third Special Session

Kalandra Wheeler
Texas Employment Lawyer Kalandra Wheeler

When employees look for an employment attorney, they are looking for someone to advise them on the law as it relates to an employment matter. The ultimate goal and hope is for the employee to find and choose an attorney that they trust to counsel them

Marcos De Hoyos
Texas Employment Lawyer Marcos De Hoyos

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been spreading like wildfire both among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Contracting the new strain is causing many to have to take time off of work and out of the office (one would hope). Suppose, however, that once you labor