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Evidence that plaintiff was fired for not signing a form that was not required in the past, coupled with prima facie case, shows pretext.

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“Compelling is the fact that Defendant’s basis for the insubordination charge stems from Plaintiff’s refusal, for arguably legitimate reasons, to sign a form Defendant has not required be signed in the past, and which Defendant had not previously taken any adverse personnel action on account of her failure to sign. That, taken in conjunction with… Continue Reading

Non-racial name-calling based on plaintiff’s reaction to alleged discriminatory acts is evidence of discrimination.

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“Plaintiff also testified that Anderson often joined in the co-workers’ jokes about Plaintiff’s mispronunciation of English words, and daily called Plaintiff ‘crybaby.’  While Defendant is correct that such name-calling does not, in and of itself, constitute discrimination under Title VII, the fact that the names were allegedly uttered because of Plaintiff’s reaction to other harassment… Continue Reading