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Early voting began on Monday, October 24, 2022, and continues until November 4, with Election Day – and the final opportunity to vote – being Tuesday, November 8. It is crucial that everyone take advantage of their opportunity to be heard. Historically, during midterm elections, voter

I’ve heard: “my vote doesn’t matter,” “the election is rigged,” and “I don’t have time.”  If votes were of no consequence, politicians wouldn’t spend millions vying for your vote.  If your vote had no value, there would be no history of people fighting for the right to do so against forces trying to deny that right to so many others.  

January 1965 – the Southern Christian Leadership Conference launched a voting rights campaign in Selma, Alabama. In Dallas County, Alabama, where African Americans made up slightly more than 50 percent of the population, less than 1 percent of eligible African American voters were registered to vote.  When attempting to register to vote, or organize others to vote, African Americans were harassed, assaulted, jailed, and even murdered.  Continue Reading The Value of Your Vote – Get Out and Vote