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Sometimes I see random things and go down a rabbit hole. So, I decided to have a Tea Party, invite you along, and share my findings this time. I ran across a newspaper article about Piggly Wiggly, which lead me here. If you are from the south, then you know

Colin Walsh
Texas Employer Lawyer Colin Walsh

Last week, we discovered that Evan Skinner, our new summer intern, loves comedies, music, politics, and sports.  Also, he plays piano pretty well.  This week ask him about law school and other fun stuff . . . 

  1. 1) Why did you decide to go to law

Colin Walsh
Texas Employer Lawyer Colin Walsh

Last week, Evan Skinner started working at our firm as a legal intern for the summer!  He is a rising 2L at the University of Texas School of Law here in sunny Austin, Texas.  So let’s get to know him!

The important stuff first.

1) What

Colin Walsh
Texas Employer Lawyer Colin Walsh

Hark, frēndes! The feld flours blosme and the sǒnne shines.  “Tis spring.  And that means its Ren Fest season!

Right now, through April 24, just outside of Austin there is the Sherwood Forest Faire.  After that, head north by horse for three days and you will

Black History Month is a time to remember sacrifices and a time to celebrate advancements and achievements that paved the way for others. Certainly, the education and celebration of Black Americans should not be confined to one month. However, the month of February offers an opportunity to commemorate the past and look toward the future.  

When looking to the past, there is no denying that the United States was a country built without wages, a country built on slave labor.  Africans were ripped from their homes, brought to America, then sold and bought to work for nothing.  

There was no ownership in what they built.  There was no reaping benefits of what they sowed. There was merely endless labor for no wages, no rewards.  Everything they did and made was for the profit and benefit of others – monetized by others to build a nation.

In this day and age, no one in the U.S. could imagine a scenario where they would work without pay and be chained and whipped into submission.Continue Reading Black History Month – Celebrating the Path