“In Krystek v. University of Southern Mississippi, the Fifth Circuit explained that workplace comments provide sufficient evidence of discrimination if they are ‘1) related [to the protected class of persons of which the plaintiff is a member]; 2) proximate in time to the terminations; 3) made by an individual with authority over the employment decision at issue; and 4) related to the employment decision at issue.’” 164 F.3d 251, 256 (5th Cir. 1999) (alteration in original) (quoting Brown v. CSC Logic, Inc., 82 F.3d 651, 655 (5th Cir. 1996)).”  Lawson v. Hinds County School Dist., 2014 WL 373199 *5 (S.D. Miss. Feb. 3, 2014) (Jordan, J.).  The court found that the direct evidence test was satisfied where: “[Plaintiff] asked for an explanation and was told: ‘Mr. Lawson, you being a black man, I believe that you could easily get a job in the education system with your connection.’”


Lawson v. Hinds County School Dist., 2014 WL 373199, at *1 (S.D. Miss. Feb. 3, 2014) (Jordan, J.).