“This court has held that an employer’s reliance on “previously unmentioned” job requirements can raise a “genuine issue of material fact as to pretext.” Id. at 11, citing Moss v. BMC Software, Inc., 610 F.3d 917, 926 (5th Cir.2010). Plaintiff was able to point to evidence that the “proffered reason for hiring [an] Assistant Principal was…his background in “STEM” (i.e., science, technology, engineering, and math)…, but that such qualifications were nowhere listed in the job posting. Similarly,…the hiring decisions for other positions were purportedly based largely on qualifications nowhere listed in the job postings or preferences: Tupelo Middle School Assistant Principal (experience teaching history and language arts and with guidance counseling), Lawhon Administrative Intern (prior experience at the school where students leaving Lawhon would move next), High School Advancement Academy Lead Teacher (math teaching experience), Tupelo High School Testing Coordinator (ability to understand the accountability system and help teachers understand data), District Testing Coordinator (math certification, experience as assistant principal at high school, and assistance with high school testing).”



Stennett v. Tupelo Public School Dist., 2015 WL 4569205 (5th Cir. 2015)