“Although this evidence on its own likely would not support an inference of pretext, a rational juror could conclude that [Defendant’s] failure to re-hire these employees on a full-time basis further weakens the credibility of [Defendant’s] proffered rationale for not hiring [Plaintiff], thus buttressing a reasonable inference that the failure to rehire [Plaintiff] was based on her age.” Id. at 12, See, e.g., Pratt v. City of Hous., 247 F.3d 601, 607 (5th Cir.2001) (reversing summary judgment in favor of employer because a genuine dispute of material fact existed as to pretext in light of multiple pieces of evidence presented by plaintiff, including “allegations that [supervisor] discriminated in favor of white applicants on other occasions”).



Stennett v. Tupelo Public School Dist., 2015 WL 4569205 (5th Cir. 2015)