As discussed above, Hauss allegedly misrepresented the erratic test results—which Dr. McKinnon and Audiologist Sanders attribute to Brown’s hearing disability—to the decisionmaker Goodson, thereby creating a factual issue as to whether Hauss exhibited disability-based animus. In turn, Goodson conducted a subsequent investigation into Brown’s conduct, including, among other things, consultation with Hauss. Goodson testified that he terminated Brown “purely based off what the T.K. Group told us about the hearing test that was taken” and that he never personally spoke to the T.K. Group employees, but relied on Hauss’ representation of her conversations with the technicians.

Brown v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., No. 1:13-cv-00176-SA-JMV, 2015 WL 4477564 at *4 (N.D. Miss. July 22, 2015)