“Here, [Employee] alleges two statements in particular as evidence of age discrimination. First, [employee] asserts that McKinley, during or immediately after [employee’s] termination, declared: ‘[G]o get a job as a Wal–Mart door greeter.’ Second, [employee] alleges that a fellow employee overheard McKinley say, on the day immediately following [employee’s] termination, ‘I’m the one that got rid of the old bastard.’ Even though [employee] concedes that Bunn was the supervisor who actually fired him, a reasonable juror could conclude, on this record, that McKinley had sufficient authority over the employment decision as well.”

Truelove v. Bolivar County, Miss., 2014 WL 4457314, at *2 (N.D. Miss. Sep. 10, 2014) (Biggers, Jr., J.).