“Thomas need only show that Hill terminated him because of his actual or a perceived physical impairment, regardless of whether the impairment limits a major life activity.  Hill’s arguments to the contrary are simply wrong.  Thomas cannot meet his burden, however, if the impairment is “transitory and minor.”  Given the facts in this case, the Court finds that Thomas raised a genuine issue of material fact for trial as to whether Hill regarded him as having a physical impairment and terminated him because of his impairment.  In Hill’s own letter, he refers to Thomas’ heart condition and the need for Thomas to find a less stressful job.  Further, contrary to Hill’s arguments, the Court cannot say that a heart condition resulting in triple by-pass surgery and rehabilitation is a transitory and minor impairment.”

Thomas v. Hill, 2014 WL 3955656, at *7 (W.D. La. Aug. 13, 2014) (James, J.) (emphasis in original).