“[D]espite there being instances, such as in Section 12.1056(d), where an open- enrollment charter school is treated in the same manner as a school district, nothing in the Texas Education Code or the common law dictates that open-enrollment charter schools and school districts are universally equivalent.”

Section 7.057(a)(2)(B) sets forth the process by which a person must appeal to the commissioner a grievance caused by a provision of a written employment contract between the school district and a school district employee. See id. § 7.057(a)(2)(B). But Section 7.057 makes no provision for the inclusion of open-enrollment charter schools, nor does any other section or rule suggest that they should be included under that rule as are school districts. See id.


Azleway Charter School v. Hogue, No. 12-15-00257-CV, 2016 WL 2585963, (Tex. App. – Tyler May 4, 2016)