“This Court has previously held that transfers to jail duty, even without a decrease in pay, can be adverse employment decisions because jobs in the jail are not as interesting or prestigious as jobs in the law enforcement section.  We made that finding only after reviewing the evidence presented at trial, and thus we can only make such a finding in this case after further facts have been adduced.  However, it is certainly plausible that a position in the jail is less prestigious or interesting that Cox’s previous position on a DEA task force.  Thus, it is plausible from the facts alleged, including the loss of various benefits, that Cox’s reassignment to the jail was indeed an adverse employment action.”


Flex Frac Logistics v. NLRB, 746 F.3d 205, 209 (5th. Cir. March 24, 2014) (Stewart, Higginbotham, and Jones, JJ.) (internal citations omitted).