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An employee may defeat a Twombly motion to dismiss by pleading that he is a nonexempt employee that worked in excess of forty hours per week and was not paid one and a half times his regular rate of pay for overtime hours worked.

Posted in FLSA violations, Overtime claims
“Plaintiffs’ allegations that they were nonexempt, regularly worked more than forty hours per week, and were not paid time-and-a-half to be factual allegations and not legal conclusions.” Rodriguez v. Gold & Silver Buyers, Inc., Civ. A. No. 4:12–CV–1831, 2013 WL 5372529 at *3 (S.D.Tex. Sept.24, 2013) (Harmon, J.).… Continue Reading

A plaintiff may demonstrate that there is a reasonable basis for crediting the assertion that the aggrieved individuals are similarly situated for the purpose of conditional certification where one former employee files a Notice of Consent to opt in after the plaintiff files his motion for certification.

Posted in FLSA violations, Overtime claims
“The Court finds that [the employee] meets his burden to establish that he is similarly situated to other employees in the proposed class.  In his declaration, [the employee] states that he was required to work approximately seventy-three hours per week and was paid a flat rate of $145 per day.  He did not receive overtime… Continue Reading