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An employee can demonstrate pretext where other individuals that assisted with her complaint also experience an adverse employment action.

Posted in Gender discrimination

“[I]n her response to [employer’s] motion for summary judgment, [employee] also pointed out that [employer] did not renew the contract of other female employees who had supported [employee’s] complaint during the investigation. . .  [a]s such, the district court’s analysis overlooks [employee’s] reliance on the termination of two other female employees who supported [her] complaint… Continue Reading

decisionmaker asserting influence over other members of the deciding board with regards to terminating the employment contract of a Caucasian male only in order to replace him with an African-American female is evidence of pretext.

Posted in Gender discrimination, Race Discrimination

“[Plaintiff] presented sufficient testimony about the positions and relationships between members of the Board….  Those relationships and positions were evidence that suggested the influence [members] with racial animus could exert on the Board such that the Board would be the “cat’s paw” of the actor with discriminatory intent.” Dulin v. Board of Comm’rs of Greenwood… Continue Reading